SMART4D Features

SMART4D uses state of the art geosteering tools and features to enable to optimal well placement. The features described include:

SMART4D has a strong 3D Visualization component which allows the user to immerse themselves within their reservoir model. The features described include:

  • 3D Visualization of Reservoir
  • Multiple Views
  • Cross-Section Fences

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SMART4D geosteering software is based on a 3D model to ensure that all available data is integrated into the user’s understanding of the reservoir. The mapping features described include:

  • 3D Kriging Algorithm
  • Well Planning
  • Model Import and Building

SMART4D’s approach to sharing information between geologists, engineers and management is allow all to view the data for better team collaboration. The features described include:

  • SMART Well Viewer
  • Email Reporting
  • Network-Based System