Team Collaboration Features

SMART Well Viewer

The Well Viewer allows users to monitor multiple horizontal wells simultaneously in a network environment. The geosteering tools including Dynamic Profile and StratCORR are available for users to make interpretations on the incoming data.

  • View multiple horizontal wells.
  • Monitor live WITSML data.
  • Interpret using geosteering tools.

Email Reporting

Automated emailing features, including alarms and reports allow for easy distribution of information to users. Email reports can be populated with the user’s choice of data. During the geosteering process, this data is pulled directly from the live WITSML feed to ensure the data reported is up to date. To enhance reports, additional comments, PDFs and images can be attached to emails.

Network-Based System

SMART4D’s network based system allows for all interested parties: operations geologists, management, drillers, wellsite geologists etc., to view and interact with the model. The software is driven by a database enabling all users to access the same information, helping ensure effective communication and decision making within the team. The combination of the full software package and the viewer creates different permission levels for editing the model.

The software and database can also be installed on a stand-alone computer when portability is key.