While-drilling Features


SMART4D connects to the rig using WITSML (wellsite information transfer standard markup language). This facilitates a flow of technical data from the downhole MWD/LWD tools directly into the software. Every 10 minutes, trajectory survey and trace data is updated within the software and is integrated into the property model. This automated process eliminates the need for manual data fetching and importing of LAS files into the model.

WITSML data integration ensures that the most recent data is being used for decision making. Correlation tools within the Horizontal Panel make use of this data, and result in the most up-to-date model adjustments.

SMART4D can connect to any rig worldwide using mainstream data aggregators:

  • Pason Canada and USA
  • NOV
  • Petrolink
  • Baker Hughes Welllink
  • Schlumberger

The video shows WITSML automation while-drilling.

Trace Imaging

Trace imaging is a visual representation of the readings from azimuthal LWD tools. It aids in geosteering by indicating the approach and direction of bed boundaries as well as the dip angle of the bed. SMART4D can create and display trace images for multi-sensor tools (gamma and resistivity) within the Horizontal Panel. This process is done while-drilling using WITSML data, creating a proactive geosteering approach.


Calculated Traces

Users can set up parameters and the software performs trace transformations and calculations automatically using WITSML data.  This is useful to adjust traces, or calculate specific drilling parameters such as Mechanical Specific Energy. Traces are displayed on the horizontal panel and continuously updated while-drilling for all interested parties to view.