Geosteering Software

SMART4D is a top performing geosteering software, that uses 3D models and cutting-edge features to improve your wells.

Geosteering is the process of adjusting well placement while-drilling to improve overall well performance. Using the features of our Geosteering Software we have proven the ability to reduce drilling time, reduce dog-leg severity and increase well length in zone.

StratCORR Features

Below are some of the key parts of the StratCORR feature

  • Interpret live data and correlate with offset wells
  • Calculate apparent dip, adjust structures & isopachs
  • Recall saved correlations for reinterpretation & information retention
  • Gauge if correlations are reasonable representations of the 3D model
  • Multiple offset reference wells can be used for a single horizontal

Dynamic Profile Features

Below are some of the key parts of the Dynamic Profile

  • A vertical cut through the property (gamma, porosity, etc) model along the well path
  • Measures the distance between survey and modelled surfaces
  • Displays the position of plans and actual surveys within the model
  • Predicts the expected property values (ex. API gamma) at any given point along the path

Target Planner Features

Below are some of the key parts of the Target Planner

  • Dynamically design way-points within the SMART4D Panels
  • Displays the proposed dogleg severity based on the way-point position
  • Custom dogleg severity windows can be created by users
  • Creates achievable targets for driller’s
  • Reduces overall DLS and tortuosity

Additional Features

Below are some additional features of our geosteering software.

Model Dip Prognosis

  • Automated calculation of the apparent dip of the target formation
  • Updated apparent dip along trajectory and ahead of the bit

SMART Well Viewer

  • Monitor multiple horizontal wells
  • Ideal for team members interested in viewing wells without impacting interpretations

Web-based Reporting

  • Allows users outside of the database setting to view the wells position
  • Ability to upload drill plans, 3D models, maps, or any other files of importance to one location
  • Connect to WITSML

Azimuthal and Synthetic Wellbore Imaging

  • Live wellbore imaging using azimuthal gamma and resistivity tools to calculate dip
  • Create synthetic wellbore image of 3D property models

Seismic Image

  • Georeferencing of seismic image along well path
  • Assists with well planning & geosteering within target zone

Auto-Email Reporting

  • Auto-generated emails sent to custom distribution lists
  • Emails populated with user choice of data and snapshot of well profiles
  • Allows users to send any important files or messages to distribution list