The Target Planner allows Geologists to dynamically design way-points within the SMART4D Panels. Users move the way-point position to desired geological sweet spots, while getting live feedback on the proposed dogleg serverity (DLS). The way-point position changes colour based on severity of the dogleg. The ranges can be customized based on well goals, for example 0-3 DLS is desired (green), greater than 3-6 is to be avoided (orange) and over 6 is not acceptable (red).

By managing the way-point design, every recommendation to the directional team will be within the driller’s achievable targets reducing overall DLS and tortuosity of wells. In larger drilling programs, we have observed over 25% decrease in the cumulative DLS from ICPs.

Geosteering Features

Geosteering is the process of adjusting well placement while-drilling to improve overall well performance. StratCORR, Dynamic Profile, Target Planner, and other features are some the geosteering software features setting SMART4D apart.

Using the features of our Geosteering Software has proven to reduce drilling time, reduce dog-leg severity and increase well length in zone.